Sasha Laffan 

Sasha Laffan 


Hello and welcome!

My name is Sasha Laffan, I freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer with 21 years in creating innovative concepts and designs. I am based in Perth Western Australia, where I work from my home studio with my fur friends Tikaani, siberian husky and mogy Sox.

In the last 3 years I have turned my focus returning to my true passion of creating art,
drawing, storytelling and illustrating traditionally and digitally in illusrator and photoshop.

I love to tell stories through illustrating, creating characters and the world they live in and designing patterns, which I  have only discovered with much elation of surface pattern design, especially for the children's markets, picture books, bolt fabric, children's apparel, stationary and editorial for magazines.

My vision is that my illustrations and designs brings joy!
While evoking one's imagination by bringing ideas and dreams to fruition.

All things are possible! 

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